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NACPL is the leading Agro Farm Development Company in Odisha under Prof Dr Satyananda Swain, Consultant and Founder of the company having 40 Years practical experience to provide services for a wide range of agriculture and allied sector solutions. NACPL provides a wide range of food testing consultancy services to help and protect
consumers from potential hazards (pathogenic bacteria, allergens, pesticides and toxic metals).
1. Soil Testing- Micro and Macro nutrients profile , OC,EC and pH
2. Water Testing- EC, pH, TDS, Pesticides, Metals and other elements
3. Nutritional values of food Testing for phytotoxicity

NACPL is the best place to choose from top-quality certified organic whole grains. We encourage small-scale farmers to upgrade their productivity. Meeting basic needs is a struggle for over millions of people.

We provide ecologically sustainable grain- products that benefit the health of our clients. “Health is Wealth” – is our belief.

Now a well-established and growing business, our place is operated by many highly trained individuals, several of whom have been with the company since it’s beginning.

Our mission is to provide to its customers grain products that are grown and produced in an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible manner – with the conviction that how your food is produced does matter!


Managing Director

Dr. Swain is the managing director of Norton Agro Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Swain has an outstanding career and has more than 40 years of experience in agricultural development, technical education, academic administration and management. Apart from this he got 1st prize in Farm Machinery Contest of lCAR.

Dr. Swain was the Director to Agriculture Consultancy Support Service Cell, OUAI & Dean to College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology OUAT, College of Engineering and Technology, OUAT. He was the member to Academic Council, OUAT Farm Mechanization Syllabus Committee CHSE, Academic Committee CHSE, and OUAT Admission Committee. He was the Principal Investigator to AICRP on Power Tiller, ICAR Adhoc Scheme on Seed Drill, NATP-RRPS-33 Scheme, AICRP on Utilization of Animal Energy, Crop Post Harvest Program. He was appointed as the head of Dept Farm Machinery and Power, CAET, OUAT and Farm Implement Design Unit, CAET, OUAT.

Dr. Swain is B.Tech ( Agril. Engg. ) from OUAT and M.Tech in Farm Machinery and Power) from lIT, Kharagpur. He holds Ph.D. in Engineering.He also has completed Basic Business Finance course from Indian Institute of Finance, New Delhi. He is thoroughly familiar with computer application skills.

This enviable blend of strong administrative and managerial skills has helped Dr. Swain to lead the organization successfully.

Mrs. Nivedita Swain


Mrs. Nivedita Swain is the Director of Norton Agro Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. She is an Educationist as well as a Social Activist. Being an Activist she articulates a vision of the good society. She holds the bachelor degree in Education. Also she has pursued her Master’s degree in Arts and has done MBA. With her magnificent skills she is successfully taking Norton Agro way ahead.