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Consultancy services include:


Crop Selection

Crop selections are based on agro climatic condition, availability of labour, availability of seed, remunerative price, experience, government policy and a host of environmental and soil conditions. NACPL provides the following consultancy services:


Use of Fertilizer and Pesticideservice page1 (1)

Pesticides and fertilizers may cause significant harm to public health and environment.

Pesticides may migrate into lakes and streams when it rains. When fertilizers enter a water

body, may cause oxygen levels to drop, killing aquatic life and posing risks to other species.

Farmers, therefore, are advised to use adequate amount of fertilizers or non toxic

alternatives and appropriate use of pesticides and fertilizers also save money.

Protective CultivationSunflower-cultivation

It is a technology for sustainable development, increasing the soil fertility, application of

the minimum tillage to farmland, cutting down energy consumption, lowering production

cost, shortening operating time, prolong growth duration, and improving the output and

quality of the produce with

» Mulching for restoring moisture

» Green house/poly houses for high value generating crops

» Shaded Net

Integrated Pest and Nutrient Management (IPM/INM)Watermelons

IPM is sustainable approach to managing pest by combining tools and ways that minimize

economic, health and environmental risk.

» Selection of plant varieties

» Cultural control

» Mechanical Control

» Biological control

» Chemical control

INM is one of the best agricultural management practices where the nutrient inside the soil

to provide optimum growth of the plant is balanced and also saves expenses by avoiding

use of excessive fertilizers etc.

Organic Farming organicFarming

It is an agricultural system that helps to provide fresh, tasty and toxin free food by

enriching the soil by a number of natural and biological control factors and effective

protection from pest with:

» Biofertilizer

» Biopesticide

» Composting

» Vermicomposting

» Green Manuring

» Organic seed sourcing

Hi-tech Nurseryhitechnursery

In a nursery plants are propagated and grown to usable size.

NACPL provides services in design, landscaping and gardening projects.

Also offer range of plants that can be classified as follows:

» Horticultural plants

» Floricultural plants

» Forest plants.

» High Value Medicinal Plants

Wasteland to Wealth Land service page2

To convert waste lands into sustainable, economic and cost effective farmlands effective

services are provided through experts and accredited laboratories.

» Develop sustainable commercial farming on wasteland

» Improve soil fertility

» Adopt soil and water conservation measures

» Create water resources for irrigation purpose

» Capacitate the community through training & education

» Tree plantation


Conversion of inorganic farm to organic farm has been increasing rapidly and also the

demand for certified organic products for domestic as well as export markets has also

increased remarkably. In this scenario the organic certification has become an essential

tool for organic farming in India.